Welcome to the CPH SIA STAR Wiki!

Wow, that's a lot of abbreviations. The Castle Park High School Science Innovation Academy (SIA) began in 2009 with a group of 28 intrepid sophomores. This year will hopefully also have close to 28 students participating in the SIA as sophomores. These students share 3 classes, BioTech, English, and Science Technology and Research (STAR) AKA Computer Art. This wiki has been designed initially as a place for them to publish their work from the STAR / Computer Art class, but will hopefully be used through out their years in the SIA.

Additional Info for the Computer Art class will be found on the Computer Art 2012-13 Wiki

Individual Wiki Pages

Each student enrolled in STAR will have their own wiki page. This will give you a chance to practice editing a wiki and a place to share your Portfolio.

See the Student Roster Page.

What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a collaborative web page. Perhaps the most popular wiki is Wikipedia - an online collaborative encyclopedia. Anyone with an account should be able to login and edit a wiki page simply by clicking the page's edit button. Wikis typically keep copies of every version of every page and who made those particular changes. So reverting to a previous version is generally a simple task.
Your first assignment will be an individual assignment so you will have a chance to practice with the wiki on your own.

How do I Join?

Create your wikispaces account, then log in and click "JOIN this Wiki" on the left. Mr. Pearson will manually accept your request within 48 hours. We will do this together in class.