President's Day Project

February 2013
After completing two previous vector illustration projects, the students created an illustration of an American President. After about 90 minutes of work on the portrait they turned it in to get feedback. Then they worked another 90 minutes paying attention to the Principles of Design - Proximity, Alignment, Repetition, and Contrast to create a great page design.

Click on a student name to open their portrait in a new window.
Basurto, P
Gastelum, L
Gonzalez, G
Hurtado, B
Juarez, A
Limon, I
Lopez, A
Lopez, L
Lozano, M
Martinez, F
Miranda, F
Negrete, A
Netemeyer, K
Ornelas, R
Ortega, B
Ramirez, B
Rubio, J
Sierra, C
Tapia, R
Torres, A

NOTE: The Web Album was embedded at the Extra Large 600 px size, then I manually changed the width to 300px leaving the rest of the embed code.